I was lucky enough to illustrate this brilliant children’s book by Jon Lee aka Jon Pogioli –The Feel Good Film Festival Screenplay Semi-Finalist.

BadPaw has now reached no.1 on Amazon’s best sellers list and it’s no surprise giving the glowing reviews such as this one:

This is a beautiful little book. A story well told and delightfully illustrated throughout. A story with a serious message in presenting us with an all-too-familiar scenario today: the exploitation and destruction of innocence in the name of so-called progress which in reality means greed and personal profit. Badpaw, a sweet and lonely wolf pup with an injured paw seeking compassion and comfort and finding it in young Holly, the daughter of a profiteering rancher in The Northern Rockies mountain range in Idaho responsible alongside his friends for the persecution and destruction of these beautiful creatures…but all is not lost for the wolf or humanity as compassion is found and love prevails.

Yes, an excellent story for children which carries a message that all humanity must now heed: wake up and begin to care for this precious Earth and all wildlife.

— Michael Vincent: author of ‘Self Enquiry: On Being You. A Journey into Truth.’

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